June 2019 Best Sellers

We’ve got some new pieces in my monthly best sellers – and a few that you guys just keep on loving!

Mint Floral Ruffle Dress ($21) / Colorblock Maxi Dress ($22) / Pink Floral Boho Maxi Dress ($29) / Pink Floral Maxi Skirt ($24) / Green Floral Maxi Dress ($27) / Pink Midi Dress ($23) / Navy Floral Tie Front Dress ($23) / Leaf Print Smock Dress ($22) / Bamboo Circle Bag ($36)

This is the third month that I’ve recapped my best selling items (see April and May here). It’s really interesting to see what has consistently stayed in the top nine (this midi dress and this floral maxi dress) and what has rapidly climbed its way to the top (this ruffle dress and this designer dupe bag). If you’ve shopped any of this pieces, let me know what you think about them in the comments section!

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