Red Floral Off the Shoulder Dress

I don’t have a lot of red in my wardrobe, but this dress has inspired me to change that.

Vacation Essentials

Get Ready for All of the Floral Dresses

Spring Style / Floral Dress with Pockets

Spring is a little over one week away, which can only mean one thing …

“Get Ready for All of the Floral Dresses”

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I'm a communications professional in the airline industry by day and a style blogger on nights and weekends.


Blue Floral Dress in Charleston

This was the first outfit I wore on a recent trip to Charleston and it might be one of my favorites.

“Blue Floral Dress in Charleston”

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How We Take Couples Photos While on Vacation

Did you really go on vacation with your significant other if you didn’t get a photo together?

“How We Take Couples Photos While on Vacation”

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