Best Amazon Finds of February

I call this new series: a roundup of nifty things from Amazon you didn’t know I needed until I needed them.

1. AirPod Pro Silicone Case

James and I both have our own AirPod Pros, and we get them mixed up all the time. Enter these simple, but super cute silicone cases – they’re about $8 or less (depending on the color) and come in 30+ different colors. They also come with the caribiner clip, which I use to hook to the inside of my bag whenever I’m on the go.

2. Glass Mugs (Set of 2)

I was influenced by my brother-in-law and sis-in-law during the last time we stayed with them in Phoenix! I love how these glass mugs look – fresh, clean and modern. For some reason, they make drinking a latte feel a little fancier. Plus, since it has a double wall, the exterior of the mug doesn’t get hot, which is perfect when I’m fueling up in bed (and yes, I drink with a metal straw!). It’s $28 for a set of two!

3. Matte Hair Claws (Pack of 4)

Apparently hair claws are making a comeback?! I have yet to wear mine in public, but these come in handy whenever I want to pull my hair back around the house – either for putting on makeup, washing my face or curling my hair a few layers at a time. I love the matte finish on these colorful hair claws, plus they’re large and sturdy enough to hold my thick hair. It’s $14 for the pack of 4!

4. Acrylic Headband Organizer

You might have noticed that I have quite the growing collection of headbands. Leopard prints, solid colors and ones bedazzled with pearls – you name it, I have enough to make Blair Waldorf proud! Yet up until recently, I had no way to organizer them. This acrylic headband organizer is nifty because it’s actually made of a stackable compartments, so you can store hair clips, scrunchies, belts and other accessories in the middle. And if you live in a small NYC apartment like I do, you’ve got to make use of every square inch of storage space!

What’s a recent Amazon find that you’ve been loving lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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