My Top Five Favorite Moments of 2018

Better late than never right? Today, I’m taking a look back at top five favorite moments of 2018.

One Week in Australia

We visited Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef in January, but it already feels like ages ago! It was our very first time down under and it was a pretty incredible experience. Sydney was the best of everything – big city vibes, art and culture, amazing food, nearby beaches and so much more. But my favorite part of the trip was snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef – it’s an experience I will never forget!

Building Houses in Lima, Peru

I traveled to Peru in October, but didn’t post much about it on social media (with the exception of a few Instagram stories). The excursion was actually part of a work trip with JetBlue – a group of crewmembers went down to Lima to help build homes for families in need and I was lucky enough to tag along. It was such a humbling experience. The family we built a house for had a young girl, probably in her pre-teenage years, who was obsessed with the musical group BTS. And while I don’t really listen to them and even though my Spanish is terrible, we were able to talk about her excitement and love for music. By the end of our time there, she gave me the biggest hug goodbye!

Fall in Hudson, NY

I spend most of my time dreaming about where we can travel to outside of New York that I sometimes forget how beautiful our home state can be. Luckily, my sweet friend Roxy organized a trip upstate in October, complete with a beautiful airBnB and the most amazing fall foliage (a sight that never gets old)! Most of our trips are always go go go, but this weekend was was about unplugging, unwinding and enjoying some quality time with quality friends. Something I really need more in my life.

Exploring Havana, Cuba

Out of all of the places I have ever been to this year (or ever), Cuba might be the most interesting. We visited with my brother-in-law and his fiance and I’m so glad we got to share the experience together (it also helps that my future sister-in-law speaks Spanish pretty well!). It wasn’t an easy place to visit (minimal English, cash only and spotty wifi), but with enough research and a hearty sense of adventure, we had an amazing time exploring what felt like a whole different era.

Buying a Home in Queens, NY

As much as I love to travel, there really is no place like home. I’d have to say: the greatest accomplishment/milestone/memory/feeling from 2018 was the moment we walked into our very first place that we could call ours. You can read more about our journey here. Our apartment is still a work in progress (we need to buy/hang artwork, sell our old couch, and add new shelving in our hallway closet), but I’m hoping to feel truly settled in by early next year!

What a hell of a year, guys. I feel so grateful for everything I’ve gotten to experience and all of the places we’ve visited this year. Sometimes it’s hard to believe this real life. 2018 was incredible and I have a feeling that 2019 is going to be even better. 

What was your favorite memory from 2018? Let me know in the comments section!

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  1. Antonina wrote:

    Love your blog! I stumbled upon it last week and have been checking it out every day now. I traveled a lot in 2018 as well, my first real Europe trip to 4 different countries. It’s so great! Looking forward to more future posts here! Keep it up girly 🙂

    Posted 3.4.19 Reply