winter trip.

Every January, the bf and I take a winter trip to somewhere cold (which is essentially anywhere but Arizona).  Instead of exchanging presents for our anniversary in December, we go on a new adventure together as our gift.

This year, we visited Salt Lake City, explored the eateries downtown, wandered around Park City, toured the nearby Olympic facilities, and hit the slopes.  It was a jam-packed four days (with definitely more photos to come!), but for now, it’s time to unpack and gear up for a new semester.

bon voyage.

I’m off on my last adventure of the summer!  Tonight, I’ll be jumping on a redeye to NYC and on Thursday, I’ll be joining up with two of my bffs in Miami.  It’s going to be a crazy week to say the least.

I’m making it my goal to keep the blog updated while I’m away, but if I start slacking, you can follow me on Twitter (@jennyinjacquard) for more frequent and random updates.  Ciao friends!

take a bath.

Stressful week?  Sounds like an understatement.  The general consensus is that school/work/taxes are sucking the life out of everyone, but I found a pretty decent (non-alcoholic) remedy: take a bath!

My friend Emily and I visited fabulously fragant-filled store at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas called Lush.  By now, you know that I love anything colorful and here, I felt like a kid in a candy store … except this kid is a hygiene enthusiast and the candy store is full of bath salts.

The store was stacked with salts and soaps with kitschy names, image-invoking descriptions, and invigorating aromas.  And while we didn’t go home with any bath-time paraphernalia, it was an experience in and of itself just taking in all the colors and scents.

Hopefully, you find some time in the week to relax, take a breather, and enjoy life, if even for just a moment.  If doing it for yourself isn’t enough, do it for me so that I can live vicariously through you.