U.S. Botanical Gardens in Washington, DC — Aug. 2010

I’m currently on a family trip out of state, so I’ll keep this post short and simple. Spending time with the fam (both nuclear and extended) is a wonderful reminder that life is crazy, sometimes unexpected, and always beautiful.  Here’s a few of my favorite pics from recent travels that reaffirm this fact.

Funky paneled structure outside Denver Botanic Gardens — Jan. 2011

Zen garden inside the Denver Botanic Gardens — Jan. 2011

Top of Loveland Ski Resort in Loveland, Colorado — Jan. 2011

there's nothing else like it.

April has been a ridiculously busy month, but that didn’t stop me from visiting one of my favorite attractions in Tucson: Spring Fling!  It’s an event that has been wonderfully near and dear to my heart since undergrad.  And it’s always refreshing to walk around outside and take in the sense of community, bright colors, and big smiles — not to mention gorge on the fatty fair food (I did exert willpower on the fried candy bars!).

Here are a few pics for a much needed injection of cheer.  Enjoy!

charity gala.

My favorite part about being a law student comes during the month of April, when the Student Bar Association hosts its annual Charity Gala.  I can’t think of a better way to temporarily forget the impending doom of finals than to dress up and dance the night away … all for a good cause to boot!

Here are a few shots from Gala, courtesy of my fellow 2L and photog extraordinaire, Taylor House.

A breathtaking view from Westin La Paloma.

Raffle prizes that benefited our law clinics.

A peak inside the dining room, set for nearly 300 guests!

The perfectly matching date (who I’m sure will be thrilled that he finally made it on here!).

The woman of the night who made the whole event happen: my amazing bff Emily!