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Skirt The Rules // Floral Maxi Dress

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Happy Friday! I’m kicking off the weekend with a new series my favorite of my favorite links around the Interwebs. I’ve shared iterations of a weekly recap before, but felt inspired by Hallie to revamp the formatting by order of importance: shopping, worthy reads and, of course, the latest and greatest around these parts. I’m all about spicing things up from time to time!

Skirt The Rules // Summer on Long Island

Last weekend, we went to Long Beach on Long Island to celebrate our friend Dara’s birthday and I think I started a love affair with the little beach town. It only took us 45 minutes to get there from NYC by train, but it felt like we were back on the West Coast for a moment. We spent the afternoon soaking up the sun and eating all of the fish tacos and I’m already itching to go back. I totally recommend it for a quick escape from the city!

Skirt The Rules // Chihuahua Yorkie Mix

Chambray Shirt // Shorts // Turkish Towel

The plans for this weekend? Mild to moderate activity. We’re staying put, which I’m genuinely excited about. It means I get to go back to my morning workout routine, have a lazy brunch with friends and maybe even re-enact our picnic in the park with the pup.

Anyways, here are my favorite clickables for the week.I hope you enjoy! Happy weekending, my friends!

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Weekend Notes: 01.24.15

Have Less, Do Less Be More

Hands down, Saturday is my favorite day of the week.  It’s the one day of the week that I feel like the world is my oyster and the opportunities are endless. Despite the fact that it’s supposed to snow a sort of rain-slush mix today, I’m planning to get out of bed early to hit the gym and catch up on wedding planning, then grab brunch with a few favorites in the afternoon.  To get your day started, I’ve rounded up a little link love this week:

Let’s start off with this essay about 15 ways to avoid blogger burnout.  As someone who’s juggling a full-time job, blogging on nights and weekends and wedding planning in between, I don’t think I’ve read an article that has resonated so deeply before.  Even if you don’t blog, it’s still great insight into leading a happier, more well-balanced life.  Everybody wins!

A pop of red cured the winter blues earlier on the blog this week.  That’s why I need this sweatshirt and this flippy skirt in my life.

First C.Wonder, now Piperlime is shutting down by the end of April.  Times are rough, man.

It’s still only January, but florals are starting to bloom … in purses, pumps and pretty little skirts.

Because of this gadget, the fiancé and I have really stepped up our cooking game at home.  So far, we’ve made butternut squash and creamy tomato soup, but would love to hear your favorite recipes!

I scored this maxi dress and this lace cut-out number at the Rent the Runway sample sale this weekend.  If you’re in town, it’s worth the visit!

Abercrombie & Fitch was my first retail job in college, so it was interesting to read this article about the rise and fall of the brand.  Remember when we all wore ripped jeans, flip flops and popped collars?  No?  Me neither …

Not that I need any more leopard shoes, but damn.

Dying over how adorable Courtney looks in her Paris-meets-Brooklyn look.

This trench cape will be mine.

Our travel guide books for our honeymoon just came in, so you better believe we’re majorly wanderlusting this weekend.  Have you ever been to Greece or Italy?  We’d love your recommendations!

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