red + blue.

So I’m definitely busting out another romper — not just because I’m obsessed with them, but because I’m wild about my school.  The past week was all about donning the red and blue as we watched our basketball team bring their best to the NCAA Tournament.

While we had our hearts broken in the Elite Eight, all of the cheering, camaraderie, and ‘BTFD’ Facebook statuses, reminded me of how much I love being a Wildcat.  I love our team and my Wildcat fam, and I can’t wait for next season!  Bear Down!

love culture romper; zara cardigan; ray-ban aviators; cynthia vincent for target sandals

rompin' around.

love culture romper; ray-ban aviators; h&m belt; cynthia vincent for target wedges

We may still be a few months away from summer, but that didn’t stop me from busting out a romper last week.  I absolutely adore these one-piece getups.  As the temperature rises, the layers of clothing decrease, and a romper offers a simple solution for casual attire.

While my initial experiences wearing a romper were limited to poolside activities, I began embracing it for its youthful versatility.  I prefer a romper with a fun pattern (of course) and a little frill at the bust to minimize frumpiness.  Throw on a skinny belt and wedges, and this outfit is ready to go places beyond the beach.

afternoon delight.

I’m fairly certain that the week after spring break is the worst week ever. Everyone has exams, projects, and deadlines galore, so I’ll make this short and sweet (literally!).

In the past week, I may or may not have overindulged in the finer things in life. On the one hand, I know my inspirational fitness guru of a friend would disapprove of such gluttony (so avert your eyes!).  On the other hand, my darling BFF would say, “I’d rather die 20 years earlier as long as I can eat what I want.” Can you tell which half of my conscience I listened to last week?

Green tea/chocolate and original tart fro-yo @ Pinkberry in LA.

James’ 25th birthday cake @ Chompies in Phoenix.

Dessert assortment @ Lago in Las Vegas.

We’re halfway through this busy week!  So amidst all the stress, I hope you take some time to indulge in something decadently delicious.

And then go take a spin class.