bright + cozy.

j. crew sweater, shorts, bracelet; coach bag; michael kors watch; madewell bracelet; steve madden booties

While the east coast got a hefty helping of snow this past weekend (slightly jealous), I’m still figuring out what to do with our very indecisive weather.  Just when I think it’s about to cool down, the temp spikes right back up.  So to adapt, I paired a thick and cozy sweater with some bright yellow shorts.  Partly chilly, mostly sunny.  Gotta love Arizona.

I'm a communications professional in the airline industry by day and a style blogger on nights and weekends.


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I might be a little late to the Instagram scene, but now you can label me officially obsessed.  So I thought I’d share my past week with you through this medium, since everything looks better through a vintage-tinted lens shaped like a perfect square.

In the past week, I …

Tried breaking in a pair of new shoes (ouch)!

Watched UCLA get their asses handed to them by UA (sorry Brynn).

Became obsessed with tea from Teavana (more on that in the future).

Found comfort in a delicious bowl of Vietnamese soup (pho).

Gorged on baked pumpkin seeds for the first time ever (thanks Elle!).

And had playtime with my favorite little pup.

Happy weekend everyone!