wrong as rain.

It doesn’t rain much in Arizona, so when I visited the Midwest in the past two days, I got my first taste of April showers. Unfortunately, the extent of my cold weather gear entailed a pair of leggings and a UA hoodie.

As I stepped into a freezing puddle of muddy water, I immediately realized that my Havaianas were definitely not cutting it. Note to self: invest in some functional, yet cute rain gear when I move out of Arizona.

1. MOMA Sky Umbrella — $35
2. Stuart Weitzman Pellets Rubber Flats — $78.99
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Jumbled Birds Umbrella — $48
4. Madewell Trench Biker Jacket — $115
5. Target Lime & White Dot Rain Boots — $24.99
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Little Nylon Tate Tote — $158
7. Hunter Original Wellies — $125


U.S. Botanical Gardens in Washington, DC — Aug. 2010

I’m currently on a family trip out of state, so I’ll keep this post short and simple. Spending time with the fam (both nuclear and extended) is a wonderful reminder that life is crazy, sometimes unexpected, and always beautiful. ┬áHere’s a few of my favorite pics from recent travels that reaffirm this fact.

Funky paneled structure outside Denver Botanic Gardens — Jan. 2011

Zen garden inside the Denver Botanic Gardens — Jan. 2011

Top of Loveland Ski Resort in Loveland, Colorado — Jan. 2011

purple + pastel.

f21 cardigan + top + shorts; steve madden flats

Back in undergrad, I used to be a jeans girl — denim pants, denim shorts, denim skirts. Life was so easy in jeans. Then again, where’s the fun in that?

I’ve been making a conscious effort to inject a little color into my pants and shorts (pink pants anyone?). It’s a fun challenge discovering new color combos beyond those that involve denim blue. Best of all, a little color is a surefire way to cure the Monday blues.

A little shout out to the man behind the cam!