wooden ware.

On my recent trip to LA, I scoped out a few stores that have yet to grace their presence around my parts.  Cusp, a contemporary boutique owned by the Neiman Marcus Group, happened to be one of the stores I stumbled upon at Westfield Century City.

While I usually love me some shiny, pretty things, I was more fascinated by the unexpected way the store showcased all of their baubles and accessories.

I know the use of wood isn’t quite an unconventional design choice.  We see it in hangers, rafters, and floorboards.  But there’s something calming about the literal use of wood in its most earthly form.

These natural fixtures softened the mood of the store and allowed everything else to pop.  It was certainly a welcomed departure from the metal racks and plastic hangers in most shops.

The pièce de résistance for me was this funky structure — part sea urchin, part ring holder, I could not stop gravitating toward it.  In fact, I don’t wear rings very often, but if I had this sitting on my dresser, I may very well invest in some just to put it to good use.

monday mix.

rachel by rachel roy blouse; h&m skirt; l.a.m.b. clutch; js patent pumps

There are two things that I’m a complete sucker for: bright colors and prints. Sometimes, I wish I had more basic items in my wardrobe, because it would be so much easier getting dressed.  Then again, where’s the fun in that?

Recently, I’ve decided to embrace the prints and patterns in my closet.  After playing around with different combinations, I discovered that mixing prints without looking ridiculous is not as difficult as it seems.  Here, I picked the color black to link the two pieces, made sure neither pattern looked overly obnoxious against one another, and chose simple accessories to compliment the entire look.

I don’t like Mondays very much, but mixing prints makes it slightly more tolerable.

P.S. After I published this post, I discovered that my first stab at mixing prints (seen here) was featured on FabSugar’s Look of the Day.  This definitely just transformed my Monday from barely tolerable to absolutely amazing!

stop, drop, & roll.

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Meet Hiro — our lovable, little pup who is making the first of many guest appearances.  It’s quite a sight when he goes crazy and starts flailing around in the grass.  Seriously, what a life.

While I won’t be rolling around in the grass, I will be enjoying the last few days of spring break with a little sun, bbq, and good times with great friends.

Happy weekend everyone!