casual friday.

My favorite part of the weekend is not having to dress by any standards — no office dress codes, no fussy hair, and barely any makeup (blush, bronzer, done). While I love to get creative and play dress up, come Friday, I generally fall into my routine outfit of t-shirt and cut-off jeans.

When I flipped through these pics that I took while visiting Madewell in Century City last month, I was instantly reminded that a weekend uniform can still look cool.  Toss on a button-up in chambray blues, earthy greens and yellows, or casual plaids and you get a stylish look without the effort.

Happy weekend everyone!

pink pants.

zara blouse + pants, l.a.m.b. heels

Since I got over my tomboy days, I’ve never really been a pants person.  Shorts, skirts, dresses, yes, yes, yes.  Leggings — why yes, I think I wore a pair every day this winter.  I’ve been lacking in the pants department so when I saw this pink pair at Zara in Santa Monica, I thought, “Why not?”

It’s getting a little too hot here to really get a feel for them (our meager two weeks of spring have long since passed), but I thought I’d take them for a brief test run. Admittedly, I love how they turned out!  Paired with a super lightweight, nude blouse, the color combo is perfect for spring!

I’ll definitely be investing in more when the weather cools down (during our two weeks of fall), but until then, it’s back to shorts, skirts, and dresses for me.

just desserts.

If there’s one thing I love more than dessert, it’s a good-looking dessert.  And even though I’m the kind of girl that eats ice cream straight out of the carton, I still appreciate sweets that come dressed with a little pizzazz.

So when my friend Emily and I stumbled up Jean Phillippe Patisserie (she speaks French and could probably say it cooler than me) at Aria in Las Vegas, we found the perfect eye candy.

While the sweet store was stacked full of whimsical cakes, I had my eye (and camera) on the pastries decked out in bold colors and intricate details.  Here are some of my favorite sweets, including a wall mounted with giant chocolate flowers.  Nom nom!