work week.

express blouse; f21 skirt, coach tote; js suede pumps

It’s easy to fall into a habit of wearing monotone outfits at the office, but I love the challenge of incorporating my personal style into the work week.  Ever since I misplaced my favorite charcoal gray skirt (seriously, I feel like a lost a little part of me with it missing), I’ve had to conjure up some new work appropriate looks.

By now, you know that my personal dress code mandates the use of color and there’s no better way to satisfy that requirement than with a few jewel-toned pieces contrasted against a crisp, white button-up.  The tote is one of my favorite bags because it incorporates even more colors while being sturdy enough to carry all of my school/work/personal necessities (which usually include a pair of flip flops for more serious walking distances).

I definitely encourage you to incorporate your personal style into your work wear, but if you’re starting a new job, get a feel for the office before you don anything flashy.  When I first started my current job, I suited completely up, slacks (bleh) and all.  After a while, I got to know my co-workers and they got to know me — professionally and then stylistically.

wrong as rain.

It doesn’t rain much in Arizona, so when I visited the Midwest in the past two days, I got my first taste of April showers. Unfortunately, the extent of my cold weather gear entailed a pair of leggings and a UA hoodie.

As I stepped into a freezing puddle of muddy water, I immediately realized that my Havaianas were definitely not cutting it. Note to self: invest in some functional, yet cute rain gear when I move out of Arizona.

1. MOMA Sky Umbrella — $35
2. Stuart Weitzman Pellets Rubber Flats — $78.99
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Jumbled Birds Umbrella — $48
4. Madewell Trench Biker Jacket — $115
5. Target Lime & White Dot Rain Boots — $24.99
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Little Nylon Tate Tote — $158
7. Hunter Original Wellies — $125


U.S. Botanical Gardens in Washington, DC — Aug. 2010

I’m currently on a family trip out of state, so I’ll keep this post short and simple. Spending time with the fam (both nuclear and extended) is a wonderful reminder that life is crazy, sometimes unexpected, and always beautiful.  Here’s a few of my favorite pics from recent travels that reaffirm this fact.

Funky paneled structure outside Denver Botanic Gardens — Jan. 2011

Zen garden inside the Denver Botanic Gardens — Jan. 2011

Top of Loveland Ski Resort in Loveland, Colorado — Jan. 2011