It’s Blazer Season!

I don’t wear suits very often, but I love a good blazer!

Navy Plaid Blazer / Printed Sleeveless Blouse / Dark Wash High Waisted Skinny Jeans / Leopard Clutch / Brown Leather Mules

It was spring of 2013 – just a few months after I landed my job managing internal communications for a major retail brand. I was staring into my tiny NYC closet – trying to make room for my spring/summer wardrobe – when I took one look at all the suits I had accumulated from law school and thought to myself: when will I ever need to wear these again?

Spoiler alert: the answer so far has been never.

It’s been a while since I’ve rocked a two-piece suit, but I still do have an appreciation for a smart-fitting blazer. This knit version is actually my year-round favorite, but this navy plaid blazer is a close second for fall (it also comes in a matching pant if you do need to suit up!).

I’m lucky to have worked in two offices over the past five years where the dress code has been business casual and jeans are totally acceptable! But on days that I want to feel extra sharp without looking too formal – high waisted jeans and a blazer is my favorite combo.

P.S. If you haven’t noticed yet, let me point out the fact that there’s a white stain near the zipper on my jeans – likely toothpaste. When I saw it, I was like, oh well, I’ll just Photoshop it out. And I forgot – ha! That’s real life for ya!

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  1. Rach wrote:

    So excited to be wearing blazers! Love the windowpane pattern on your blazer. So cute!

    Posted 9.25.19 Reply