How to Change Careers and Defy Naysayers

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It’s been a while since I’ve chatted about anything career related, but I recently answered a reader’s question via email and thought I would share what I wrote here with you. A few months ago, I wrote about why/how I switched career industries three times. I feel incredibly lucky that with each opportunity, someone took a chance on me instead of questioning why I was looking to make a change in the first place. Unfortunately, not all employers are that open to different perspectives and experiences. Here’s how to dispel the naysayers.

Pink Flare Dress and Leopard Dress

Like I mentioned in my original post, I was very fortunate throughout my interview process with my current employer to not be challenged by industry switching skeptics. The recruiters I worked with were less interested in the fact that I was making a switch and more keen to the transferable skills that I could bring to the table. When you find someone who is open to different experiences and to taking a chance, you know it’s going to be a good fit and possibly a great company culture. It means they great talent, but are also willing to invest in you to bring you up to speed in terms of industry knowledge.
Pink Flare Dress and Leopard Dress
So in my resume, I focused on exactly that: the areas of my skillset that are universal. Plus, the great thing about being in communications is it really can be adapted to any company and any industry. I’m sure there are a lot of other careers that are equally as versatile – project management, sales, human resources, finance. It’s all the way you pitch it to potential employers.

Pink Flare Dress and Leopard Dress

Your cover letter is also a chance for you to proactively dispel skeptics and share why you’re looking to make a switch and how your skills will be super valuable to the company. Highlight some of the major projects or responsibilities you took ownership of, what you learned from it and how it can be of value to the next company. The more insight into your unique experiences, the better! I’m pretty sure my cover letter took up the entire page and in a way, I sometimes think a cover letter is more insightful than the resume itself – but that’s for another post!

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Pink Flare Dress and Leopard Dress Skirt The Rules / Pink Flare Dress and Leopard Dress

Pink Flare Dress (on sale for $48!) / Leopard Clutch (affordable version here) / Timex ‘Peyton’ Watch (c/o) /Gold Cuffs / Ankle Strap Heels / Laura Gellar Lipstick in ‘Central Park Spice’


  1. Love this dress! Such a pretty raspberry color and a gorgeous silhouette on you! Also really interesting to hear about your career journey. I’ve been in the same niche for a number of years, and I haven’t had much luck when I’ve applied to jobs at different types of places. It’s encouraging to hear that it worked for you!


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