Fall Essentials: Jackets & Vests

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Fall is in full swing guys. I guess that’s pretty obvious given all the apple, pumpkin, and/or fall foliage pics blowing up on Instagram right now. Definitely not mad about it, since it’s that perfect time of year where I’m neither sweating nor freezing my ass off. To put it simply: it’s jacket season and to celebrate, I’m sharing what I think are the five must have pieces for for fall.

Trench Coats: If you don’t have a trench coat in your closet, put it at the top of your shopping list immediately. You can never go wrong with a classic color and length, but if you already own one, then switch it up with a seasonal shade or a fresh cropped cut.

Utility Jackets: Also known as army jackets or field jackets. I swear, there’s at least 2-3 people on my team at work wearing one at all times. I’ve been rocking the same olive green jacket for nearly half a decade, but have my eye on this updated version from J.Crew. Barbour also makes some great, high-quality options if you’re ready for a splurge (sigh, if only I had half a grand to blow).

Faux Fur Vests: This is more a winter wardrobe workhorse, but I love being able to wear fur vests as my only outer layer while the temps still allow. Black and tan options will get a whole lotta wear, but I have my eye on this deep dark brown vest.

Sweater Coats: What do you get when you combine a sweater with a coat? The most comfortable layer you’ll wear this season. I’ve heard some people/brands refer to it as a “coatigan.” Super cute name for a super cute style. LOFT has my favorite options, in spacedye, colorblock and grandpa-inspired options.

Ponchos: Last, but certainly not least. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of ponchos on your IG feed (with a few courtesy of yours truly). The one I’ve worn all season is currently on major sale, but Nordstrom has some great options for $38. They’re perfect to wrap yourself in for at the office, on the airplane or just hanging at home.

Overwhelmed with options yet? Let me know what your must have jacket/vest is for the season!

Fall Essentials: The Bootie

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Last week, I rounded up a few of my favorite blanket scarves. Today, I’m talking about another fall essential: the bootie – not to be confused with the booty, which is something you can’t buy online (and if you can, you probably shouldn’t).

But I digress! There are plenty of styles to choose from, which makes it nearly impossible to narrow down to just a few. Here are some of my favorites:

Chunky Heels: If there’s one style that you buy this season, let it be a chunky heel. I just got these pair in black and could seriously walk around in them for days. I also love this style, which comes in everything from black to burgundy and these Rag & Bone ‘Newbury’ dupes for less than $100!

The Chelsea: Another great option if you’re going for comfort, but don’t want to sacrifice style. Chelsea boots have an elastic panel on the side, which makes them super easy to slip on. I usually throw mine on over faux leather leggings and a tunic sweater and call it a day. I love the gorgeous rich color of this pair and the sleeker design of this pair.

High Heels: High heeled booties will have you strutting your stuff in no time.  I mean, how could you not in a pair like this or this?

Snow Boots: I hate to break it to you, but winter is coming. If you’re a West Coast native turned East Coast transplant like me, you’re gonna want to do everything you can to keep your outer extremities warm. The Bean Boot is a classic choice, but there are some other solid options out there. Love this ruggedly cute boot (is that an oxymoron?) from Joie and the tweed/knit texture of these ones from Sam Edelman.

Fringe Details: Fringe. Is. Everywhere. I talked about it when I rounded up this fall’s handbag trends and now it’s back for the bootie (how many times can I say bootie in one post? …. bootie!). My fringe mantra is keep the detailing simple like this pair from Sam Edelman or this pair from Ann Taylor. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like you those rotating scrubbing machines at a car wash (like so).

Rain Booties: This one doesn’t need much explanation. When it rained nonstop last week, I basically lived in my leopard rain booties. I’ll even wear them come winter when you’ll see me trudging through the slushy streets. Love these in bright red or with buckle details.

Overwhelmed with options yet? Let me know what your must have bootie is this season and shop some more of my favorites below!

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