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As you may or may not have heard, I turned 30 this past week (and walking down the street with these balloons is the equivalent of shouting it from the rooftops). A lot of people have been asking me if it feels any different. At first, I said no, because the differences between being 30 and 29 years and 364 days old is non-existent. But thinking about 30 year old me versus 20 year old me makes me feel like I’m a completely different person. Keep reading for some of the lessons that I learned in my twenties and how I hope it will help me to be 30.

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27 x 27.

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I turn 27 years old today and as I teeter on the brink of my late twenties (my friends and I agreed that I’m still in my mid until next year!), I’ve realized that as much as I have already accomplished, there’s still so much left to do and experience.  This year, I’ve created a list of goals — both large and small — to accomplish by the time the next birthday rolls around.  Check out my list below and let me know if you have any personal goals of your own this year!

  1. Travel outside the U.S. Completed 05.08.14
  2. Read 12 new books (one every month).
  3. Organize a blogger meetup.
  4. Run in a 5K.
  5. Join a kickball league.
  6. Explore all five boroughs.
  7. Explore New Jersey.  Completed 03.08.13
  8. Learn 12 new recipes (one every month).
  9. Take a Soul Cycle class.
  10. Take a Bikram Yoga class.  Completed 04.03.14 (it’s not Bikram, but it’s still hot as hell)
  11. Tour the south (Savannah and Charleston).
  12. Eat a cronut. Completed 08.09.13
  13. Attend a fashion show at NYFW.  Completed 09.07.13
  14. Decorate my apartment walls.
  15. Start a coffee table book collection.
  16. Complete a DIY project.
  17. Host a wine/drinks at my apartment.  Completed 12.31.13
  18. Create an original piece of art and frame it.
  19. Go to a Knicks or Nets game.
  20. Bike through Central Park.
  21. Go to at least one concert.  Completed 11.20.14
  22. Go to at least one comedy show.
  23. Go to at least three Broadway musicals.
  24. Guest blog for a major website.
  25. Take a girls trip.
  26. Explore at least three new museums. Completed 07.12.14
  27. Save $50 for every goal achieved and treat myself to a 28th birthday present!

whirlwind weekend.

After traveling to both sides of the country, three states, and five different cities, I’m finally home!  It’s been a crazy 10 days, but being able to celebrate my birthday with my friends and family made all the traveling worth it!  Thank you to everyone who made the past weekend so special!

A bloody mary on my first class flight home to kick off the birthday.

Baubles from Brynn! how lucky am I to have a BFF like her?

A birthday beergarita from Emily and Ashley!

Dinner with the family in San Diego.

Another little trinket from my best friend.