blue lagoon.

f21 top; hco shorts; leslie danzis necklace; nicole sandals

Another go-to outfit of mine involves slouchy, off-the-shoulder tops paired with cotton shorts.  On busy days where getting dressed is the least of my worries (this happens a lot when you wake up 15 minutes before class), I can count on these staples to carry me through the day.

But when I do have time to look at myself in the mirror before I head out the door, I clean up the look with a bold statement necklace and a pair of jeweled sandals.  I love the turquoise tear-drop beads on this necklace because it commands attention regardless of whatever else I may be wearing.

Now, if I only could start waking up when my alarm clock tells me to.

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knick knacks.

I’ve been spending an inhumane amount of time at my desk hunching over textbooks and clutching highlighters, so I thought it would be refreshing to peruse a few of my favorite online stores for some kitschy desk decor.  After all, there’s nothing like some online window shopping to procrastinate my studies.

My favorite find: the Facebook stamps!  While FB doesn’t actually have a “Dislike” button, I would love to use that stamp all over my school books and notes right about now.

1. Anthropologie Prospero Journal – $18
2. Urban Outfitters Like and Dislike Stamps – $14
3. Anthropologie Driftwood Candleholder – $38
4. Anthropologie Pinwheel Push Pins – $15
5. Forever 21 Glitter Jewelry Box – $4.80
6. Urban Outfitters iPhone App Magnets – $16

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there's nothing else like it.

April has been a ridiculously busy month, but that didn’t stop me from visiting one of my favorite attractions in Tucson: Spring Fling!  It’s an event that has been wonderfully near and dear to my heart since undergrad.  And it’s always refreshing to walk around outside and take in the sense of community, bright colors, and big smiles — not to mention gorge on the fatty fair food (I did exert willpower on the fried candy bars!).

Here are a few pics for a much needed injection of cheer.  Enjoy!