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Behind the Scenes of Being a Fashion Blogger

Gal Meets Glam Jane Dress (also comes in black, navy and pink) / Hudson + Bleecker Garment Bag (c/o) / White Bracelet Bag ($40 dupe of this designer bag) / Bamboo Ark Bag ($43 dupe of this designer bag) / White Tote / Rose Gold Friendship Bracelet / Ankle Strap Block Heels

There are only two times that I ever miss owning a car: 1) carrying groceries home and 2) taking blog photos. And lucky for me, both of these things happen pretty much every weekend.

What I Love & Hate About Blogging

Skirt The Rules

Streets of NYC T-Shirt (only $39!) / Ripped Skinny Jeans / Leopard Flats / Rosegold Eyeglasses / Sony Camera / Sony 35mm f/1.8 Lens / Red Lipstick

Seven years ago today, I sheepishly shared my first ever, very cringe-worthy blog post. James and I were in California on spring break, I had just bought our first DSLR camera and I made him take photos of my outfit as I awkwardly stood in front of some tropical-looking greenery. With the click of the “publish” button, I made my debut to the world (please don’t judge how horrendous this blog post is!).


Since then, I’ve been blessed with some incredible opportunities, but also cursed with self-inflicted anxiety. This hobby-turned-side-hustle has changed my life in a lot of great ways, but it ain’t always easy. So in honor of the fact that I’ve been blogging now for nearly a quarter of my entire life (woah), I’m sharing all the glamorous, fun, stressful, and stupid things that I love and hate about blogging.

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Help Me Find The Motivation to Blog

White Cold Shoulder for $45

Cold Shoulder Top (only $45) / Step Hem Jeans (wearing 2P – size down) / Crystal Tassel Necklace /Rosegold Bangle Watch (c/o) / Gold Pave Ring / Gold Cuff (c/o) / Leopard Clutch (more affordable version here) / Jack Rogers Slide SandalsSmashbox Lipstick in “Safe Word”

In my birthday post from last month, I mentioned that blogging is the only hobby that I’ve ever kept up with. I still can’t believe it’s been over 7 years since I bought a DSLR, convinced my then boyfriend (now husband) to take photos of me and then made my debut to the world. At the peak of my blogging side hustle, I was publishing 5 posts a week, in addition to keeping up with all of my social media platforms. Now, I’m lucky if I post once or twice a week on the blog (don’t even get me started with Instagram). Lately, I feel like my motivation to blog has been dwindling and fast and I’m trying to figure out how to fix that.