What’s On Our Baby Registry

Today, I’m sharing what we included on our baby registry!

Babybjörn baby carrier mini / Babybjörn baby bouncer / Ubbi diaper pail / Bobby nursing pillow / Blue swaddle blankets / Baby bottle starter kit / WubbaNub sloth pacifier / Silicone baby bib / Baby bassinet / Baby bottle warmer / Burp cloths / Ingelsina dining table chair

Let me start by saying I’m a procrastinator at heart – it’s just in my nature and I find that I work best under the pressure of an impending deadline. James and I started researching registry essentials over Christmas after we our gender reveal. I did a bunch of research, added a few things to our Babylist registry and then kind of ignored it for the next four months …

We weren’t planning to have a baby shower prior to arrival because of the pandemic, so there wasn’t much of a rush to finalize things. And then it was t-minus one month until baby and we literally had nothing for baby boy – oops! With the help of my BFF and soon-to-be mother of two, along with some great reader recommendations, we finally got our asses into gear and shared a shower-by-mail registry with our family and friends (with a post-birthday bash to come later this summer or fall!).

And without further ado, here is what we added to our baby registry, as well as some highlights below.

Babybjörn baby carrier mini: James and I are constantly on-the-go and we know being hands-free will be crucial for getting stuff done around the apartment, as well as just being out and about in the city. I love that we’ll be able to wear baby boy close to us early on and then switch him to front-facing by five months so that he can experience the hustling, bustling world around us. Thanks for the rec and the gift, Auntie Em!

Bobby nursing pillow: A good nursing pillow was one of the most popular recommendations when I asked for advice on my Instagram. It’s simple, but I’m also a sucker for cute covers and have a few different options including this colorful jungle print. I plan on bringing my Boppy to the hospital with me!

Ubbi diaper pail: I’ve changed a total of one diaper in my entire life (it was my niece’s and highly supervised by my brother lol), so this should be interesting. Thankfully James has a lot more experience than I do, so I hereby declare him on diaper duty for the next few years. Kidding! But so many moms recommended the Ubbi diaper pail since you could use any trash bags instead of one specifically designed for the container. I’m curious to see how well it well it contains dirty diaper odors and will be sure report back!

Dr. Brown’s baby bottle starter kit: The amount of baby bottles out there is kind of mind-blowing, but the best advice that I saw was don’t invest in too many of one thing until you know what you babe prefers. We asked for this bottle starter kit, which is basically a variety pack that allows to to try out different nipples and bottle shapes.

RONBEI baby bassinet: Since baby boy will be sleeping in our bedroom for the first few months, I knew once we had a bassinet, I’d feel 1000x better about life. Thankfully it was one of the first things purchased off our registry! I liked the simple, modern design of this one, the mesh sides and the option to move the side panel down into a bedside sleeper option so that baby’s within an arm’s reach. Bonus points: it was easy to assemble and comes with a music box/mobile that made me tear up the first time we played it.

Graco baby swing / Baby skincare and bath set / UPPAbaby Minu stroller / Hatch sound machine / Zip up onesies / DockATot lounge / Lotus travel crib / Fisher-Price baby dome / OXO collapsible baby bath tub

UPPAbaby Minu stroller: Even if you’re not a mom or mom-to-be, chances are you’ve heard of UPPAbaby. The Vista and the Cruz are their most popular styles, and we were planning to go for the slightly more compact Cruz until we discovered their Minu option. The Minu is perfect for the urban city dweller – it’s super light (XX lbs versus the Cruz’ XX lbs and Vista’s XX lbs), which will make it easy to navigate the streets and subways of NYC. It’s also super compact and easy to fold up, which is perfect since storage space is incredibly limited. Between our city life and hopefully going on travels with baby, we found that the size and weight of the Minu is perfect for us.

DockATot Deluxe+ Stage One Dock: The Bentley of baby loungers – it seems like a steep price to pay, but so many people recommended it for baby to rest, play and lounge in or outside of the house. It’s also a good option for tummy time, plus the covers are washable and interchangeable (you know your girl likes options).

Hatch Baby Rest sound machine: A good sound machine was another top reader recommendation, and 4.8 out of 5 stars from 19,000+ reviews can’t be wrong, right? I like that it can be controlled with an app on your phone and that you can eventually use it to help teach your toddler a health sleep schedule. One of my BFFs actually upgraded us to the Rest+, which also has an audio monitor. Thanks Auntie B!

Fisher-Price baby dome: Considered me influenced! I saw this play dome on Caitlin’s Instagram stories, who used it to take her baby to the beach, hang out at the park, etc. I love that it’s a nice contained space for baby to play or nap while we enjoy the outdoors while also getting shade from the sun. I foresee a lot of Central Park outings with this!

Happiest Baby swaddle / Hatch smart changing table and scale / Solly baby wrap / Lovevery play kit subscription / Nursery humidifier / Baby animals high contrast board book / Look high contrast board book / Foldable foam play mat / Lovevery play gym / Developmental bumpy ball / Colorful rattle set

Lovevery play kit subscription: This recommendation (and subsequent gift) came from my brother. Every two months, they’ll send you a set of toys and activity cards aimed to promote baby’s development for that particular age – it’s the gift that keeps on giving! I also have their play gym on my wish list and love that it looks as beautiful as it is interactive.

UANLAUOFoldable foam play mat: Our nursery is also our office, and while I want the space to feel safe, warm and welcoming for our babe, I’m not keen on splashes of bright, primary colors everywhere! I added this foldable playmat to our registry so that he has a soft, safe space to crawl around, but something that we can still put away when it’s not in use. Also didn’t realize it until arrived, but it’s reversible and has a completely different print on the other side!

Happiest Baby swaddle: Swaddles are another popular registry must have to help mimic the womb and comfort baby to sleep. We got a pack of these cute, regular swaddle blankets, but also requested this zip-up swaddle in case our baby turns out to be an escape artist. Again, we’ll see what works best for our baby before investing in most things!

TaoTronics Humidifier: Humidifiers can help alleviate dry, itchy skin and create a more comfortable sleeping environment for baby – it’s especially helpful in colder months when to soothe sore throats or any upper respiratory tract symptoms. James found this one on Amazon (4.6 of 5 stars from nearly 9,000 reviews!) and we’ve started it to use it in our bedroom to … er … test it out before baby comes! I really like how modern it looks and how quiet it is. Just make sure you clean it regularly to avoid build up of mold or bacteria!

Hatch smart changing table and scale: A changing table that also doubles as a smart scale is obviously a nice-to-have, but not a need to have. James and I just happen to tech gadgets – especially those that help track the health and growth of baby! I also heard that the Keekaroo peanut changer is another popular option!

Mama friends – I would love to know if there’s anything I missed? Anything you couldn’t live without?

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