On Turning 34

Yesterday was my birthday – and honestly, it was pleasantly uneventful.

White Maxi Dress (c/o) (S) / Straw Knotted Headband / Straw Clutch with Pom Poms / Tan Leather Mules / Charlotte Tilbury Matte Lipstick in ‘Pillow Talk’

This time last year, we celebrated my birthday in Banff, Canada. Two years before that, we were in Nice, France. This year, we made it as a far as Trader Joe’s – ha!

For as crazy as 2020 has been, it really has taught me the joy of slowing down. To do more with less. To embrace rest over restlessness. And to be content with where I am instead of always dreaming of the next destination.

I think the last one might be the most valuable lesson that I’ve learned over the past six months. I spent the last three years flying by the seat of my pants – I really do mean flying since we were traveling nearly every week. Our apartment felt more like a crashpad than a home. And I could never seem to commit to hanging out with friends in NYC because I never knew where we would be and when.

Being forced to stay home has made me realize that it isn’t a bore to be at home. It’s actually revitalizing, and I realize now that it’s actually a privilege to be able to do so.

I’m excited to see what 34 brings, but I wouldn’t mind if things were just a little less crazy than the last half of 33. As they say … I’m getting too hold for this!!

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