My 2020 Word of the Year

This year, I’m choosing to be intentional.

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For the past couple of years, I’ve been a choose a word or two as my “word of the year.” A mantra of sorts. A reminder for myself for the next 365 days to guide myself if I ever lose focus and veer off course. Last year, it was authenticity. In 2018, it was creativity and presence. And in 2017, it was challenge and adventure.

Truthfully, I tend to make a lot of goals and then forget about them. I fall into this exact cycle every damn year – both in my work, blog and personal life. Set it and forget it. It’s not an approach I’d recommend.

That’s why my word of the year is to be intentional.

To me, the words has two meanings – the first is to be more purposeful. Most of the time, my MO is about going with the flow or winging with it. I usually don’t think about what I’m going to post on my blog until I’m writing it the night before (sometimes the morning of). When I’m traveling standby, I’m literally flying by the seat of my pants – I don’t book hotels or plan where we’re going to eat until I’m on the plane and we’ve pushed back from the gate. Flexibility can be fun, but it sometime means things a more rushed and not as thought out as it could be.

So 2020 is going to involve a lot more planning. And hopefully sticking to these plans, which is where the second meaning of intentional comes in. Being intentional isn’t just about the planning stage, it’s about checking in with yourself, tracking your progress and deciding if you need to course correct. That’s where I’ve failed in the past, but intend to success this year.

So here’s to being more intentional in 2020.

What’s your word of the year? Let me know in the comments below!

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