What’s On Your Travel Bucket List?

Travel Outfit Inspiration & Affordable Hardcase Luggage

Gray Cardigan (only $49 and comes in 6 colors1) / Polka Dot Peplum Top (only $40) / Knotted Necklace / Step Hem Skinny Jeans / Leopard Flats / 21″ Carry-On Spinner Suitcase (c/o) / 29″ Check-In Spinner Suitcase (c/o) / Navy Rolling Duffel Bag  (c/o)

Ever since our trip to Nice at the end of last month, James and I have been laying low and spending the last few weekends of summer in New York. I’ve loved being able to stay at home, snuggle up in the comfort of our tiny apartment and visit our favorite neighborhood spots, but that doesn’t mean the travel bug has gone away. In fact, with the arrival of our new luggage set from Ricardo Beverly Hills, the wanderlust is back in full force with a full list of places that I’d like to visit in the next year or two.

Travel Outfit Inspiration & Affordable Hardcase Luggage

We just checked the South of France from our list, but I would go back in a heartbeat, rent a car and take a roadtrip through Provence. At the same time though, there are so many countries that I’ve been dying to visit. In fact, when people ask us when we think we’ll settle down and have kids, I tell them I have a bucket list of places I want to travel before we start a family. In order: Portugal, Spain, the English countryside, Croatia, Thailand, Australia, Peru, Colombia, Cuba ― just to name a few. It’s ambitious, I know, but working in the airline industry has its perks ― and traveling is encouraged! So consider the challenge accepted.

Travel Outfit Inspiration & Affordable Hardcase Luggage

But let’s talk about my new bags for a second, because great adventures can’t happen without great luggage. I’ve always wanted to upgrade to hardshell suitcases, but could never find any that really striked my fancy. James actually has a Raden suitcase, but the battery for the built-in charger takes up a lot of packing space. I’d much rather pack an extra pair of shoes or two over being able to juice up my phone (that’s what my portable charger is for). So when I laid my eyes on the Ocean Drive collection from Ricardo, it was love at first sight. The suitcase come in silver or gold and have a really cool texture to the outer shell that make it extra durable.  Space wise, I’m spending the week on the west coast right now and was able to fit a week’s worth of clothes into just the carry-on. James used the rolling duffel bag for his stuff. Think about how much we’ll be able to pack on an adventure in one of my bucket list countries!

Travel Outfit Inspiration & Affordable Hardcase Luggage Travel Outfit Inspiration & Affordable Hardcase Luggage Travel Outfit Inspiration & Affordable Hardcase Luggage


  1. I feel you girl, I have a big travel list before I want to settle down too! My number one right now is France. I’ve been to a couple of places on your list, and you definitely have to hit Thailand – so beautiful!! Add in Vietnam while you’re over there 😉

    Kristina does the Internets

  2. Denise

    We went to Hong Kong and Thailand this past June and July. Thailand was at the top of my bucket list because I was born there and have never been back. I loved it so much, it’s going to be a yearly trip. We went to Hawaii the year before and that was relaxing – Kauai more than Oahu. I would love to visit Ireland and New Zealand and maybe a few countries in Europe. My husband has been everywhere before he met me, so all my persuasion techniques are going into him taking me this time.

    • Thanks for sharing! I love hearing about where people want to go. Thailand is moving closer and closer to the top of my list. Trying to get all of the countries that I probably wouldn’t go as a family to out of the way before actually having a family! 🙂

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