Palm Print Bikini with Tassels

Summer 2017 Swimwear / Palm Print Bikini with Tassels

Palm Print Bikini with Tassels (only $18!) / Mirrored Oversized Sunnies

Out of the 7+ years that I’ve been blogging, I think this might be a first:¬†photographing myself in a bikini. I’m not the kind of person that particularly enjoys showing off my “beach bod” to the world, but this palm print bikini was too good not to share (especially when it’s under $20!).

Skirt The Rules / Azulik Tulum

I think I originally saw a much more expensive version of this swimsuit on a celebrity’s Instagram or something like that. I can’t remember the designer, but I do know that it was¬†way out of my budget. I’ve never been the kind of person to throw down $100-$200 for a swimsuit. It’s just not that worth it to me, especially when I love switching it up a lot.

Skirt The Rules / Azulik Tulum

So when I was packing for our Tulum trip, I procrastinated on the swimsuit situation. Two days before we were set to take off, I decided to take a chance on swimsuits from Amazon since I could get it with two-day free shipping. There are SO many options and ridiculously low price points that I figured why not. I ended up buying this palm print bikini for $18 and this deep plunge one piece for $14 (you can see how I wore the latter on my Instagram).

Skirt The Rules / Palm Print Bikini

When shopping around, I made sure to do my homework and read the reviews. People leave some pretty details descriptions out there, everything from fit, fabric and whether the suit was lined or not. Some of the bolder reviewers even share photos of what they look like in the swimsuits! Most of the cheap swimsuits come from the same Chinese manufacturer, but branded by different distributors. So I’ll have to admit, I went into my purchase with low-to-medium expectations, knowing that it wouldn’t be the best fabric, but it would work for my always changing taste in bikinis. Turns out I loved both of the styles that I bought and at less than $20 a piece, I will definitely be back for more before my next trip to the beach!

Summer 2017 Swimwear / Palm Print Bikini

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  1. Mary wrote:

    I love this suit! And you have an amazing bod, so you should be proud to flaunt it, girl! You look awesome. The tassels are my fave.

    Posted 6.27.17 Reply
  2. Sam wrote:

    Such a cute suit, and you look fab! Also, these pictures are giving me serious wanderlust!


    Posted 6.27.17 Reply