The Secret to Having the Best New Year’s Eve Ever

Skirt The Rules / Off the Shoulder Top
Do you ever feel an unspoken pressure to have the best New Year’s Eve ever? I mean, like EVER. I feel your pain and want to let you know – it doesn’t have to be this way.

Skirt The Rules / Off the Shoulder Top

There’s nothing I hate more than the idea that you have to go all out to ring in the new year. Sometimes, it can feel more like a mandate… because apparently, it didn’t really happen unless you’ve spent hundreds of dollars in covers and bottle service to rage the last few moments of the year away.

A few years ago, my friends and I decided to ignore the expectation of having “the best New Year’s Eve ever” and – what do you know – we turned out to have the best New Year’s Eve ever. It was just of the four of us that year. We met up at a friend’s apartment in the East Village with bottles of wine and Fireball in hand (don’t judge). Later, we found a nearby dive bar that is, to this day, one of my favorite places to grab a drink. Flash forward to minutes before midnight, when we were sharing drinks, laughs and karaoke with old and new friends. If my body could still handle it, I would relive that night over and over again.

Skirt The Rules / Off the Shoulder Top

Skirt The Rules / Off the Shoulder Top

The secret to having an amazing New Year’s Eve is not worry too much about having an amazing New Year’s Eve. I’m not saying that winging it is always going to be your best option (especially if you’re rolling with a larger group), but you should be flexible and go with the flow whenever you can. Don’t take the night too seriously and who knows, it might be one for the books.

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? I’d love to hear what you’re up to, so leave me a note in the comment section below!

Skirt The Rules / Off the Shoulder Top

Skirt The Rules / Off the Shoulder Top

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  1. tessfelber wrote:

    I still don’t have NYE plans and I’m totally okay with it. I’m thinking about a nice dinner then drinking champagne at home sounds amazing!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Posted 12.27.16 Reply
  2. Marta wrote:

    That’s a really gorgeous outfit! That top is super pretty.
    I’m not sure what I’ll be doing on new years eve… Me and my friends wanted to go downtown to watch the fireworks but we’re not really in the mood for it because it’s so incredibly cold haha

    Posted 12.27.16 Reply
  3. Jessica S. wrote:

    Totally agree with relieving yourself from the silly ‘best night ever’ pressure! Also.. dying over that choker and off the shoulder top combo! xx

    Posted 12.27.16 Reply
  4. lyddiegal wrote:

    It would be nice to have fun on NYE, but I suspect I’ll just do what I always do, order in chinese, watch a movie and possibly fall asleep before midnight.

    Posted 12.27.16 Reply
  5. Love this top on you girl!!! If I make it to midnight this year, I’m calling that a win and the best New Years ever!!!

    Posted 12.27.16 Reply
  6. Deborah wrote:

    Like, you, I don’t have any set plans. I know I’ll be hanging out with my boyfriend but we haven’t made any concrete plans. I think I’ll do like you did and go to a nearby dive bar! That sounds a lot more fun than feeling forced to go all out!
    Also, I just need to mention that I’m in love with your top! It’s gorgeous :]

    Posted 12.27.16 Reply
  7. I love that floral top. I honestly never do anything too much for the new year but I wonder if that would change if I was in a relationship.

    Posted 12.27.16 Reply
  8. Kathryn wrote:

    This is so true! Going into it with a carefree attitude is definitely the way to go. Cheers to the New Year! I hope you have a great New Years weekend 🙂

    xx Kathryn

    Posted 12.30.16 Reply
  9. Minau wrote:

    Such a beautiful look!

    Posted 1.2.17 Reply