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Skirt The Rules // Faux Fur Trimmed Coat

Getting dressed in the morning is usually my favorite part of the day … that is, until this time of the year.  When it’s cold enough to see your breath in the air or frost on the car, I can barely manage to pull myself out of bed let alone put clothes on!  For the next two months, finding the balance between warmth, comfort and style is key.

Skirt The Rules // J.Crew Chateau Parker Coat in Gray

So when Lee sent me jeans to try on a few weeks ago, I was A) excited to throw on an outfit that didn’t involve leggings and B) pleasantly surprised at how comfortable their denim is!  I promise you, their Slimming Stretch fabric is a winter wardrobe game charger.  The denim is super stretchy, contoured to fit and above all else, feels so good.

Skirt The Rules // Gray Faux Fur Trimmed Coat

I loved the saturated hue of this straight leg pair and embraced the timelessness of the denim with a simple sweater layered over a plaid shirt.  Between the faded wash and the pops of plaid and leopard, it felt like the perfect balance between casual and cool.  I’ll be over on their blog styling another denim look this week, so be sure to check it out!

Skirt The Rules // Brown Bucket Bag Skirt The Rules // J.Crew Chateau Parker Coat in Gray Skirt The Rules // Preppy Plaid Outfit Skirt The Rules // Brown Bucket Bag

Coat: J.Crew
Sweater: J.Crew Factory
Shirt: J.Crew (similar here and here)
Jeans: Lee (c/o)
Watch: Michael Kors (similar here and here)
Bag: Old Navy (similar here and here)
Heels: DVF (similar here and here)

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James Colvin

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  1. Adriele wrote:

    Loving that coat! Cozy and chic!

    Posted 1.21.15 Reply
  2. Ana wrote:

    Winter styling is always the toughest!!!

    Can’t believe you took your coat off for some of those shots, when there is obviously snow on the ground!

    You must have been freezing 😀

    Ana x

    Posted 1.21.15 Reply
    • Haha a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! 😉

      Posted 1.21.15 Reply
  3. Charnele wrote:

    loving the layers!

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

    Posted 1.21.15 Reply
  4. Meagan wrote:

    Cute jeans! I’ll have to check Lee jeans out next time I see them in a store. I thought they were ‘mom jeans!’

    Posted 1.21.15 Reply
  5. Well hello gorgeous!!!

    I’m loving this look on you girl. The layers are perfect and I most definitely need to check out this coat – it looks super warm but super chic at the same time!


    Posted 1.21.15 Reply
  6. Love the entire look!

    Liz @

    Posted 1.21.15 Reply
  7. Alissa wrote:

    Right? I remember when getting dressed was fun and it didn’t involve a million layers and then a coast on top of that to completely hide the outfit!

    Posted 1.21.15 Reply
  8. Cute look! I saw this coat a lot this season, and it still gets me every time! Love the way you wore your layers here.

    S. Roderick

    Posted 1.21.15 Reply
  9. lovely look!


    Posted 1.22.15 Reply
  10. insoliloquy wrote:

    Haha I live in leggings during the winter, but these jeans look like a lot of fun!

    — Michelle | MXP STYLE

    Posted 1.22.15 Reply
  11. I love J Crew and you outfit rocks. I always go to visit it when I’m in US. I don’t know why but in Italy there is any shop. Coat, sweater and shirt are perfect.

    Posted 1.22.15 Reply
  12. Elifnaz wrote:

    Amazing coat, love this look!

    Posted 1.22.15 Reply
  13. Melissa wrote:

    This coat is super cute! I have that bag and I can’t get enough of it. Cute look. 🙂


    Posted 1.22.15 Reply
  14. Pink Wings wrote:

    Haha totally get you! Winter is the worst, you never want to get out of bed. And I live in Cali now so the weather is always nice but even when I was in Washington for only a week I couldn’t get even a single outfit picture done because I couldn’t hack the cold kkk
    Love the look, the jeans look great and love the coat

    Pink Wings

    Posted 1.22.15 Reply
  15. I attended a Lee event here in Chicago a month or so ago and was really impressed with their jeans. You look adorable in them and I love your coat.

    Heidi D.

    Posted 1.24.15 Reply
  16. Courtney wrote:

    Love the outfit and especially the jacket! Wondering if you would be willing to share the size you went with? Thanks!

    Posted 2.6.15 Reply