2013 style resolutions.

2013 Style Resolutions

I’m a little late on the obligatory New Year’s resolution post, but so I’m switching it up a little bit.  Instead of telling you that I’m going to work out more (ha!) or eat less sweets (double ha!), I’m sharing my 2013 style resolutions — a list of goals that are just as ambitious, but way more achievable.

1. Experiment.  Sometimes I spend my morning staring blankly into my closet, feeling like I have nothing to wear.  Other times, I feel the need to frequently go shopping to keep my closet feeling fresh.  Both are simply not true.  I’m making it a priority to spend less money on shopping and more time experimenting with what I already have in my wardrobe.  The possibilities are endless!

2. Edit.  Before I moved to NYC, I purged a lot of clothes that I never wore — and I still came here with too much stuff.  Having limited space is a great lesson in narrowing down my wardrobe and every now and then, I continue to reevaluate the pieces in my closet.  My goal is to let go of unnecessary things in my life and eventually edit down my wardrobe to the pieces that truly inspire me.

3. Create.  I have enough pins on my Pinterest boards to cover my entire apartment walls.  It’s time to get cracking — more DIYs, creative nail designs, and new outfit ideas.

4. Sparkle.  A few days ago, I debated between buying a black or gold sequin skirt or any at all.  Did I really need this in my wardrobe?  Was it even practical? (See resolution #2). As I stood in front of a mirror, holding both options in front of me, a lady walked by and told me that life was too short not to wear sequins.  I’ve never heard wiser words!  You better believe I ended up buying both skirts, because I don’t need a reason to sparkle!

5. Inspire.  I first started this blog as a personal  creative outlet, but it’s become much more than that since then.  It’s been a constant source of motivation for me and I hope a source of inspiration for you.  I want to hear more from you about what you like, what you don’t like and what you want to see in posts to come.  So please always feel free to leave a comment, write on my Facebook wall, send me a Tweet, or shoot me an email.  I’m here to inspire and be inspired!

So what’re your style resolutions for 2013?  More color?  More prints? Less shopping?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. nicole s. wrote:

    i’m with you on focusing my efforts on experimenting instead of spending in 2013. i don’t know about you, but being a twenty-something is expensive and i can’t afford to have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. let’s mix patterns! let’s find a way to wear that thrifted top that’s sitting in the back! let’s sparkle on a tuesday at the office!

    love your resolutions. your year is off on a good (and stylish!) note!

    Posted 1.8.13 Reply
  2. loved the lady’s advice, so true! xo


    Posted 1.9.13 Reply
  3. Chelsea wrote:

    Pro Tip for #2: Turn all the hangers in your closet backwards. Once you’ve worn something, you can hang it back up the regular way. Any hangers that are still backwards at the end of the year, either toss or donate!

    Posted 1.9.13 Reply
  4. Jessica wrote:

    LOVE this post. “Life’s too short not to wear sequins.” #obsessed

    Posted 1.9.13 Reply
  5. You got some killer advice re: sequins. Totally agree! I’ve seen a lot of bloggers resolving to spend less in 2013. It’s a tough resolution and I hope some of us can stick to it. We get sucked in by all the fabulous things we see on other bloggers and feel the need to refresh with new items. I think there’s a balance. I should try harder to remix by wardrobe and not worry about adding in new things simply for the sake having something new in the post. I’ll end up spending (read: wasting) more money if the primary concern is what readers will think about me repeating the same 2 bracelets every other post. I love those bracelets! haha. I just got tons of new great things for Christmas so I’m going to try to focus on incorporating them into posts instead of buying anything new. Good luck to us both! 🙂


    Posted 1.9.13 Reply