brunch + beach.

Burrito @ Orange Inn in Laguna Beach

To kick off Spring Break 2011, the beau and I took a mini-roadtrip up the west coast, heading first to Laguna Beach for brunch. The Orange Inn Burrito was delish, but then again, I’m a sucker for anything containing avocado.

I’ll admit that I watched the synonymous MTV “reality” television show back in the day.  But I actually love Laguna for its laid back, village-y ambience.  People brought their dogs everywhere, surfers floated patiently in the water for the next decent wave, and everyone in general was friendly and carefree.

Wish we could have spent more time there, but a few hours taking in the sights and weather was enough to feel relaxed for days.

Hope you’re enjoying your spring break!  And if you don’t have one to enjoy, feel free to soak up the pics, even if its just for a moment in your hectic day.

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  1. DPizzle wrote:

    Love love love! The colors in that birds of paradise plant picture are amazing!

    Posted 3.15.11 Reply