Celebrating 5 Years of Living in New York City

Navy New York Sweatshirt

New York Sweatshirt (only $49!) / Ripped Jeans (plus another option here) / Chloe ‘Marcie’ Crossbody Bag / Daniel Wellington Watch (c/o) / Leopard Flats

Five years ago today, I moved to New York with two oversized suitcases and no job. I said goodbye to my then-boyfriend, now-husband behind while he finished his last semester of grad school in Arizona and moved in with a random Craigslist roommate for two months. After a month and a half of unemployment, I landed a job in marketing and communications – also from a Craigslist ad. Two months later, Hurricane Sandy rolled through and our apartment was without power for ten days (to give you a perspective of how much that sucked – I lived on the 17th floor and there was no way to get up except by climbing the stairs). In the first few months of living in New York, I wondered how long I could actually last here.