kate spade: spring 2012.

(photos via kate spade’s pinterest)

It might be winter for another six weeks, but spring fashion ads are already here. I’m currently obsessing over Kate Spade’s spring campaign, which is full of hot pink, tangerine, and black & white floral graphics (designed by Florence Broadhurst).  It might be a sensory overload for some, but I love and want it all!

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no shopping february.

This month, I’m committing myself to what will surely be a difficult and daunting task: no shopping for the entire month of February.  The goal is to utilize the things I already have and discover new ways to make old items feel new.  In the end, I hope to save a bit of money and gain a better appreciation for my closet.

It’s definitely easier said than done, but with my bf and the bff joining me on this mission, we’ll hopefully get through it together.  Afterall, misery loves company!

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This past weekend, I traveled to Chicago to hang out with two of my best friends from undergrad.  The trip included exploring the city, obligatory trip to the Bean, indulging in delicious food (bone marrow spread anyone?), and ice skating.  I love this city (almost as much as NYC) and as always, I had an amazing time with amazing people.