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Today, I’m starting a new series called Ask Me Anything!

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Over the past few months, I’ve been collecting questions from readers and working on writing out answers that require way a bit more than 15 seconds on Instagram stories. I actually love answering deep, personal questions – it’s much more interesting than just talking about what I’m wearing. So if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Today’s question: How do you get sponsors?

After eight years of blogging, I’m excited to say that this has been my best year of making income on my blog. Like ever.

Of course, it’s not even remotely close to matching my salary at my full-time job and I’m certainly not looking to become a full-time blogger anytime soon. But it is a nice secondary source of income, which I use to buy clothes, furnish our apartment, fund our travels and even help pay of my husband’s college debt. For me, sponsors are a nice to have (and I’m incredibly fortunate to have them!), but not a need to have.

That’s why my approach to “getting sponsors” is probably going to look a lot different than those who blog for a living (major respect to those who do!).

Truthfully, I wait for opportunities to come to me. I know, I know – there’s an inspirational poster out there that says: “Good things come to those who wait hustle hard.” To that I agree, but I hustle damn hard at work every day, giving 100% (and thensome) to my 9 to 5. Any blog-related activities is above and beyond that.

Sponsorships have never really been my M.O. I started this blog as a creative outlet when I was in law school and have grown it at a tortoise’s pace. For the first couple years of my blog, I was thrilled for a brand just to give me something for free! Then, I remember my first project came along – an opportunity to be featured in a promotional video for Cosmo (as in the magazine!). That was my very first pinch me moment.

But let’s be real, I still get giddy every time an opportunity lands in my inbox.

These days, I work with RewardStyle, ShopStyle and a few other PR agencies who approach me on behalf of the brands that they represent. I don’t actively pitch myself to companies anymore – not because I don’t want to, but because I  don’t have time between balancing my day job and my everyday life. Agencies will reach out with the opportunity, I’ll assess if it’s a good fit and then we’ll discuss rates (which has taught me to stop undervaluing myself over the years, but I’ll save that for another time!).

My advice? Focus on the content you’re creating, not the money you’re making.

If you’re starting a blog for the dollars, then I don’t think it’ll be very satisfying for you in the long run. But when you’re in it to create beautiful content, people (and brands!) will start to notice.

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  1. Maureen wrote:

    Such a great post! I love that you started this series and I also love that you are on the other side of wanting to blog full time. I think it’s good to know what it’s like on the other end. Just like you, I, too, get excited if a PR company comes to chat with me but I have never pitched to a brand either. One of these days I will but for now, I am just enjoying the writing and creating. Your dress is beautiful btw. I hope your weekend is off to a great start!

    Maureen |

    Posted 6.22.19 Reply
    • Jen Dang wrote:

      Aww thank you Maureen! I wish I had more time to be actively pitching for projects, but I’m really content in the little space I’ve carved out for myself on the internet. The less I stress about the business aspect of blogging, the more fun I feel like I have with writing and creating. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

      Posted 6.24.19 Reply