Time to Indulge with Rado Watches

Rado Women's HyperChrome Watch in Chocolate Brown

The weekend has never tasted so sweet – especially when it involves pastries, bubbly and a major luxury watch brand.

Skirt The Rules // Brown Ceramic Watches

Earlier this week, James and I met up with Rado, a Swiss watch brand, at the François Payard Patisserie in the Upper East Side (I brought him along because he’s a sucker for a well-built watch and macarons, obviously). Rado is a new-to-me brand, but has been in the game for over 50 years. They recently celebrated the launch of their new chocolate brown ceramic timepieces and I’ll just say this: I wish you could feel the watches and taste the pastries in person, because both are absolutely delicious!

Skirt The Rules // NYC Desserts

What surprised me the most was how lightweight the watches felt – even in the men’s styles! Rado watches are made of a high-tech ceramic, which means it’s not only light and easy to wear, but scratch resistant and super durable. Win, win, win. I might have to steal the watch that James is wearing below.

Skirt The Rules // Men's Ceramic Watch

Have you heard of Rado before? They’re a bit of a splurge, but a girl/guy can dream, right? I would love to hear your thoughts on the brand or your mutual love for watches, chocolates and sweets in the comments section! Happy Friday everyone!

Skirt The Rules // Salted Caramel MacaronsSkirt The Rules // Brown Women's Watch

Thank you Rado for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Tanya wrote:

    They look so beautiful, real statement on your hand!


    Posted 11.20.15 Reply
  2. Danielle wrote:

    I have not heard of Rado before. The pastries look delicious! Have a great weekend!


    Posted 11.20.15 Reply
  3. Rachel wrote:

    I haven’t heard of the brand before, but they sure do look nice!

    Posted 11.20.15 Reply
  4. asallows wrote:

    How beautiful is this watch! Wow. I love the simplicity!


    Posted 11.20.15 Reply
  5. Kristina wrote:

    I haven’t heard of this brand before, your watch is beautiful!

    Kristina does the Internets

    Posted 11.20.15 Reply
  6. vesna2291 wrote:

    Whoa! These watches are gorg! And those pastries look so delicious! Thanks for sharing!!


    Posted 11.20.15 Reply
  7. Vanessa wrote:

    Wonderful pictures. ^^
    Lovely greets Nessa

    Posted 11.20.15 Reply
  8. Kelsey&Kenecha wrote:

    Nice watch!


    Posted 11.20.15 Reply
  9. Ting wrote:

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    Posted 11.21.15 Reply
  10. Annessa wrote:

    My husband was actually just talking about these watches. They’re so cute, and I’m sure fantastic quality. I’m loving the black ones you chose!

    Annessa / http://www.seekingsunshine.com

    Posted 11.21.15 Reply
  11. Meagan wrote:
    Posted 11.21.15 Reply
  12. LENPARENT wrote:

    Your photos are gorgeous!!!!!! Great watches too!! happy weekend gorgs!

    Posted 11.21.15 Reply
  13. Rado does make good watches 🙂

    Real Life Nerd // http://www.vivienekok.com

    Posted 11.21.15 Reply
  14. Maggie wrote:

    These watches are gorgeous! I love the dark colors.


    Posted 11.21.15 Reply
  15. The watches are beautiful, and those desserts look delicious!

    Posted 11.21.15 Reply
  16. Heidi wrote:

    Such gorgeous pieces! Perfect gift idea.

    Wishes & Reality

    Posted 11.21.15 Reply
  17. Sabina B wrote:

    love the watches and the photos! nice!


    Posted 11.22.15 Reply
  18. I’ve never heard of Rado before, but I asked my dad about it and he said he had a watch from them! I’m a sucker for luxury watches, even though I usually use my phone to tell time, haha.
    Julia // Little Miss Haute Couture

    Posted 11.22.15 Reply
  19. Elle wrote:

    Yes, I agree a luxury timepiece, bubble and pastries are great companions! Love the checked shirt, too. Now I am hungry!
    xx, Elle
    new blog name!! 🙂

    Posted 11.22.15 Reply
  20. Lauren wrote:

    Very chic watches though I think I prefer the pretty cakes
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

    Posted 11.22.15 Reply
  21. stylewich wrote:

    Fancy watches + macarons sounds like my idea of a perfect weekend too!

    Love, Liz

    Posted 11.23.15 Reply
  22. Kay wrote:

    Wow, gorgeous watches, so stylish! <3 Thank you for sharing x


    Posted 11.23.15 Reply
  23. Ivi wrote:

    This watch is stunning! So pretty! xxx


    Posted 11.23.15 Reply
  24. That watch is fabulous <3



    Posted 11.23.15 Reply
  25. Samantha wrote:

    Such a cute watch!

    Posted 11.23.15 Reply