blue lagoon.

f21 top; hco shorts; leslie danzis necklace; nicole sandals

Another go-to outfit of mine involves slouchy, off-the-shoulder tops paired with cotton shorts.  On busy days where getting dressed is the least of my worries (this happens a lot when you wake up 15 minutes before class), I can count on these staples to carry me through the day.

But when I do have time to look at myself in the mirror before I head out the door, I clean up the look with a bold statement necklace and a pair of jeweled sandals.  I love the turquoise tear-drop beads on this necklace because it commands attention regardless of whatever else I may be wearing.

Now, if I only could start waking up when my alarm clock tells me to.

blazin' stripes.

h&m blazer + flats; f21 top; hco skirt

So I definitely spoke to soon when I said spring was over.  This past weekend, we got hit with some unexpected April showers, which reduced the temp to blazer-worthy weather.  I’m not a big fan of the cold, but I’ll jump at the opportunity to wear my jackets a few more times before they go back into hibernation.

The bold navy & white stripes makes this blazer borderline circus ringmaster (as my bf lovingly refers to it), so I toned it down with a solid gray tank and flowy white skirt.

pink pants.

zara blouse + pants, l.a.m.b. heels

Since I got over my tomboy days, I’ve never really been a pants person.  Shorts, skirts, dresses, yes, yes, yes.  Leggings — why yes, I think I wore a pair every day this winter.  I’ve been lacking in the pants department so when I saw this pink pair at Zara in Santa Monica, I thought, “Why not?”

It’s getting a little too hot here to really get a feel for them (our meager two weeks of spring have long since passed), but I thought I’d take them for a brief test run. Admittedly, I love how they turned out!  Paired with a super lightweight, nude blouse, the color combo is perfect for spring!

I’ll definitely be investing in more when the weather cools down (during our two weeks of fall), but until then, it’s back to shorts, skirts, and dresses for me.